Legal and Council Affairs Unit

The office of the Legal/Council Affairs is a unit in the Registry Department of the University. It functions in accordance with the directive of the Registrar who has supervisory or oversight function over the Registry. It’s basic and core functions include:

Assisting the Registrar in articulating the overall logistics for Council meetings such as:

Preparing accommodation for Council Members whenever they are convening for a meeting.

Ensuring that Council Members are properly checked into their accommodation from the airport to their hotel rooms.

Ensuring that the venue for Council Meetings is well prepared for holding of Council Meetings etc.

Facilitating clerking of Council Meetings such as:

Taking the minutes of all council meetings under the supervision and directive of the Registrar.

Ensuring that all minutes of previous meetings of Council are sent or transmitted to all Council members before the date of next Council meeting.

Extending meeting invitation to all Council members and other invitees to Council meetings.

Preparation of the Agenda of the Council meetings.

The Unit advises the University on legal issues and other related matters.

Prepares Legal documents for the institution.

The Unit reports to the Authority of the institution on the progress of legal proceedings pending in Law Court handled by external solicitors retained by the institution etc.

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