Anyakora, Nnaemeka Anthony

Senior Lecturer


Anthony Nnaemeka Anyakora has over 25 years of professional engineering background. He is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Minna; University of Warwick, Coventry, England; Federal Polytechnic, Idah, and National Open University of Nigeria, with PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Materials and Metallurgy), Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration in his kitty.

Tony, as fondly called by his colleagues, is a COREN-Registered Engineer, and has worked in various engineering outfits, including lecturing at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko,  and his immediate past meritorious outing as a Deputy Director in-charge of Works, Estate, Maintenance and Services at the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Idu, Abuja – a parastatal of Federal Ministry of Health, where he successfully supervised the completion of a 5-floor laboratory Complex and Drug Manufacturing Plant, before joining the Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo (FUNAI) as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering.

Engr. Dr. Anyakora is presently a member of FUNAI Students’ Disciplinary Committee, Faculty Representative in Space Committee and Departmental Coordinator. Before now, he served in several professional capacities as member of COREN Professional Engineering Interview Panel, and as Resource person in the accreditation of engineering programmes in Nigerian Universities.

His special areas of research interest include, but not limited to, processing of engineering materials with special flair on composites, Manufacturing Systems and Sustainable Engineering. Tony is known for his outstanding ability in mathematics by his classmates during the secondary school days.


Engineering and Technology

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Institutions attended Degree(s) Awarded Year
* Federal University of Technology, Minna, Ph.D. – Mechanical Engineering (Metallurgy & Materials) 2012
* University of Warwick, Coventry, England M.Sc. – Manufacturing Systems Engineering 1987
* Federal Polytechnic, Idah HND – Mechanical Engineering 1983
* National Open University of Nigeria Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration 2015
* St Anthony’s Secondary School, Azia, Ihiala West African School Certificate (WASCE) 1978
* St John’s Primary School, Odoakpu, Onitsha Primary Six Certificate 1971

Teaching And Research Interests

* TEACHING: Industrial Engineering, Production Planning and Control, Production Metrology, Thermodynamics, Mechanical Engineering Services, Engineering Materials Selection, Technological Policy and Development, MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, FLUID  MECHANICS, MATERIALS SCIENCE, ETC.
* RESEARCH: Production, Manufacturing & Materials Engineering, Engineering Design for Appropriate Technology. Composite Materials, Non-ferrous materials, SUSTAINABLE ENGINEERING,

Membership of Professional Bodies

Professional Body
* Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) – R.8705
* Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE) – 09212
* Materials Society of Nigeria (MMSN) – P/0642
* Nigerian Metallurgical Society (MNMS) – C777 

Selected publications



Anthony Anyakora. Combined Effect Of Fibre Loading And Silane Treatment on the Flexural Properties of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Reinforced Composites. International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science. Vol. 5, Issue 3, May, 2017. Pp. 119-123. Http://Pnrsolution.Org/Datacenter/Vol5/Issue3/14.Pdf


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Anthony Nnaemeka Anyakora. Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of Polyester Matrix Reinforced With Bamboo Fiber For The Production Of Low Strength Building Products. International Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences (EAAS),[ISSN: 2305-8269] Volume 2:  Issue (02) 2013. Pp. 57- 66.


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A. N. Anyakora., O. K. Abubakre, H. O. Chibudike, and O. A. Adeyoju. Investigation of Processing Parameters and Properties of Date Palm Fiber for the Production of Quality Fiber Boards. International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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N. A. Anyakora., Nigerian Scientist develops building material from palm fiber materials. Daily Trust Newspaper. October 26, 2007


O. K. Abubakre., and N. A. Anyakora, Study of Effects of Natural Fiber on the Mechanical Properties of Polyester Matrix. 24th AGM Proceedings Of Nigeria Metallurgical Society. 25th – 27th October, 2007.


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