Dr. Adewale Iyaniwura, Adeolu

Lecturer I

Work Information

First Name Adewale
Middle Name (initial) Iyaniwura
Surname Adeolu


Programme Animal Science
Department Agriculture
Faculty Agriculture

Biography (Education/Professional Experience/Professional Accomplishments)

Dr. Adewale Iyaniwura, Adeolu is a seasoned lecturer in the areas of Animal Genetics, Biotechnology and Biostatistics. His entire working experience has been in the teaching and research system. He started as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Education, Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo in 2004 and rose to the rank of Lecturer III and Lecturer II respectively in 2004 and 2010. In October, 2011 he took up lecturing appointment with the Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu and after 11 months, he resigned and took the same appointment with the Department of Biology/Microbiology/Biotechnology of Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI) where he taught Medical Genetics, Introductory Genetics, History and Philosophy of Science and related Biotechnology courses until 2017 when he was redeployed to Department of Agriculture (Animal Science Programme) of the same institution.  In terms of academic pursuit, Adewale Iyaniwura obtained Ph.D in Animal Genetics & Breeding from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria in 2016. He is a recipients of Visiting Scholar fellowship of TETFund Nigeria at Animal Genetics & Genomics Laboratory, Office of International Programmes. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY USA, from November 1, 2014 – April 22, 2015 (6 months). He has much research interest in the area of modern animal biotechnology for improvement and development of improved Nigerian Indigenous Chicken (NIC) and Rabbit through rDNA and genomics selection (instead of conventional crossbreeding). Presently the Ag. Director, Directorate of SIWES, AE-FUNAI. He is happily married to his Queen, Ngozi-Ezeh Ibukun and they are blessed with four (4) children- three (3) girls and one (1) boy.

Academic Qualifications

S/N Institutions attended degree(s) awarded year
1 Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State. Phd in animal genetic & breeding 2016
2 Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki. M.SC. IN ANIMAL GENETIC & BREEDING 2009
3 National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) Kaduna PGD in Education 2007
4 Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) B. Agric: in Animal Science (Second Class Honour) 1999

Research Interests

1 Assessing Genetic Diversity of Rabbit Populations in the South Eastern part of Nigeria using microsatellite markers
2 Assessment of Soil Nutrients Capacity and Environmental pollution Control of Fermented Bed Product Inoculated with Indigenous Microorganisms in Swine Production.
3  The Role of Backyard Rabbit Production of Micronutrient Malnutrition of 1000 Days Window Period in Nigeria.
4 Micronutrients value of Moringa olifera in children under window period in nigeria

Membership of Professional Bodies

1 Registered Animal Scientist (RAS), Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS)
2 Member, Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN)
3 Member, Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP)
4 Member, World’s Poultry Science Association Nigeria Branch (WPSA-NB)
5 Member, Animal Science Association of Nigerian (ASAN)


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Adeolu A. I. and V.U Oleforuh-Okeleh (2011). Phenotypic relations between egg weight and other egg quality traits of South Eastern Nigeria Local Chicken. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production. 38 (2)3-8

.(https://www.ajol.info/index.php/njap/issue/view/12278) doi: 10.5539/jas.v4n6p180

Grants and Fellowships

1 Co-Investigator (CI), 2015: Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo (AE-FUNAI) TETFund Research grant, headed by Dr. F. N. Nwalo, (Funded: N2, 000, 000)
2 Principal Investigator (PI), 2017: Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo (AE-FUNAI)  TETFund Research grant [Analyzing the Genetic Diversity of the Myostatin Gene (MSTN) rabbits within South Eastern Nigeria using PCR-RFLP Marker] (Funded:  N800, 000
3 Principal Investigator (PI), 2020: International Foundation for Science Grant. No. 1_B_041609. Assessment of Soil Nutrients Capacity and Environmental pollution Control of Fermented Bed Product Inoculated with Indigenous Microorganisms in Swine Production. USD 14,795 (Funded: Not yet)


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