Prof. Ifeoma Nneka Nweke



First Name Ifeoma
Middle Name (initial) Nneka
Surname Nweke
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Programme Physiology
Department Physiology
Faculty Basic Medical Sciences

Biography (Education/Professional Experience/Professional Accomplishments)

Professor Ifeoma Nneka Nweke is a Professor of Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, College of Medicine, Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba, Nigeria and a Visiting Professor, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike. She earned a PhD in Pharmacology from the Abia State University Uturu. She is a WHO/Africa Regional linkage grant scholar. She has over twenty five years of teaching, research and administrative experience. She is an associate Editor of numerous peer-reviewed journals and has published widely in local and international high-impact journals. She has taught and examined various aspects of pharmacology and physiology to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Prof. Nweke is a member to several professional bodies including Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), West African Society for Pharmacology (WASP), West African Network of National Products Research Scientists (WANNPRESS), National Association of Women Academics (NAWACS), Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN), Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN) and Nigerian Environmental Society (NES). Her core research interests are Endocrine, Ethnopharmacology and Tropical diseases.

Academic Qualifications

S/N Institutions attended degree(s) awarded year
1 University of Benin, Nigeria B.Sc. Hons. Biochemistry 1986
2 University of Nigeria, Nsukka M.Sc. Pharmacology 1992
3 Abia State University, Uturu Ph.D. Pharmacology 2005

Research Interests

1 Endocrine
2 Ethnopharmacology
3 Tropical diseases.

Membership of professional bodies

   1 Member, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)
2 Member, West African Society for Pharmacology (WASP)
3 Member, West African Network of National Products Research Scientists (WANNPRESS)
4 Member, National Association of Women Academics (NAWACS)
5 Member, Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS)
6 Member, Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN)
7 Member, Nigerian Environmental Society (NES)
8 Member, Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN)


1 Nwaegerue E, Nweke I. N, Ezeala C.C and Unekwe P.C (2007). Glucose lowering effect of leaf extracts of Viscum Album in normal and diabetic rats. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (JRMS) 12(5).
2 Oforah E and Nweke I.N, (2007). The antipyresis of Chloroquine in fever models in rat. Acta Pharmaceutica Sciencia49: 139-146
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6 Ezeala C.C, Nweke, I. N, Unekwe P. C, El-Safty and Nwaegerue J.E (2009). Fresh garlic extract protects the liver against acetaminophen-induced toxicity. The Internet Journal of Pharmacology 6(2).
7 Ezeala C.C, Nweke I.N, Unekwe P.C, El-Safty and Nwaegerue J.E (2010). Effects of fresh Allium Sativa extract on lipid peroxidation, glutathione depletion and Oxidative stress induced by Acetaminophen in Mice.The Internet Journal of Pharmacology, 8(2)
8 Nweke, I. N, (2011). Obesity and Health: a review. ABSUMSAJ 4(1):24-28
9 Nweke, I. N, Mbah, A. U., Ezeala, C. C., Ewesiobi, A. I., Okechi, O. O. and Eroegbusi, J. N. (2012). Platelet activity in patients with type 2 diabetes in Eastern Nigeria. Research Journal of Pharmacology 6(3) : 48-51
10 Irogbeyi, L. A., Nweke, I. N., Akuodor, G. C., Orji, C. E., Ekenjoku, J. A., Ezejiofor, T. I. N. and Cajetan, E. I. (2019). Assessment of health risk of bromate in ozonized bottled and satchet water in Aba metropolis, South Eastern Nigeria. Saudi Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 5(10) : 885-892




1 Research Fellow, UNDP/WORLD BANK/WHO Sponsored Onchocerciasis Project. Department of Pharmacology, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (Work was on pharmacokinetic profile of ivermectin), 1990 – 1993
2 WHO/Africa Regional linkage grant scholar, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, UNTH, Enugu (1994).





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