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First Name LIKITA
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Surname TANKO
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Programme B.AGRIC.


Prof. L. Tanko currently serves as a Professor at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He obtained his Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike in 2004. Prof. Tanko’s research areas include Optimization of agricultural enterprises, Productivity and efficiency analysis and handling of time-series data. Prof. Tanko  is an Associate Editor of a number of peer-reviewed journals and has published articles in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. He has worked as a National and State-level Consultant to several donor agencies including the World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington D.C. for several years.

Prof. Tanko has over 20 years of working experience in well-established academic institutions. and has delivered expert lectures on topics related to his core areas of research interest.

Academic Qualifications

S/N Institutions attended degree(s) awarded year
1 Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. B.Agric. (Agric. Econs.; 21) 1996
2 Federal University of Agriculture, Umudike M.Sc. 2000
3 Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Ph.D. 2004

Research Interests


PG project students (name of student and a summary of completed or on-going research)

1 JACOB, Abigail Tsado (PhD/SAAT/2013/497). Optimum Combination of Crop, Livestock And Fishery Enterprises Among Smallholder Farmers In Niger State, Nigeria
2 JEDNA, Yusuf (PhD/SAAT/2013/528). Effects of Livelihood Strategies and Sustainable Land Management Practices on Food Crop Production in Niger State and Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria
3 ADETUNJI, Amina Olaitan (PhD/SAAT/2014/592). Effects of Agricultural Credit Delivery on the Income and Food Security of Arable Crop Farmers in North central Nigeria
4 ADEWUMI, Adeoluwa (PhD/SAAT/2017/933). Analysis Of Farm Enterprise Combinations Under Risk Conditions Among Smallholder Farmers In Kwara State, Nigeria
5 ALEGE, Adekunle Mukaila (PhD/SAAT/2017/997). Analysis Of Farm Enterprise Combinations Under Risk Conditions Among Smallholder Farmers In Kwara State, Nigeria
6 KPANGE, Abubakar Usman (PhD/SAAT/2017/948). Risk Analysis and Productivity of Cereal/Legume Enterprises Among Farm Households in Niger and Nasarawa States, Nigeria
7 YISA, Ezekiel (PhD/SAAT/2008/247). Analysis of Production and Productivity of Arable Crop Farmers in North Central Nigeria
8 WAZIRI, Ahmed (PhD/SAAT/347/247). Yam Minisett Technology Popularization in Yam Growing Communities of Niger State, Nigeria
9 OGAJI, Abu (PhD/SAAT/2013/432). Production efficiency in Arable crop production among smallholder producers in Kaduna and Niger States, Nigeria
10 YISA, Fatima (PhD/SAAT/2013/494). Analysis of Agricultural Land Degradation, Crop Diversification and Production Efficiency Among Arable Crop Farmers in North Central Nigeria
11 OJO, Olanike Alaba (PhD/SAAT/2009/297). Evaluation of the spatial and temporal

pricing efficiency of rice markets in North-Central  Nigeria.

12 DALHATU, Musa (PhD /ADM. No. 09311605003). Comparative economic analysis of broiler

And layer production enterprises in Sokoto State Nigeria.

Membership of professional bodies

1 Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists (NAAE)
2 Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN)
3 Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN)
4 Member, Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN)
5 Member, Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP)


1 Tanko, L., K.M. Baba and O.B. Adeniji (2011) Analysis of The Competitiveness Of Mono-Crop And Mixed Crop Enterprises In Farming System of Smallholder Farmers In Niger State, Nigeria. International Journal of Agriscience, 1(6):344-355.(Issn: 228- 6322). Available Online At 
2 Tanko, L., Jirgi, A.J. and A. A. Ogundeji (2010). Impact of Fadama II Project on Income of Tomato Farmers in Niger State, Nigeria. African Journal of Agricultural Research (AJAR).,5(15):1937-1942.
3 H. Sallawu, L. Tanko, J. N. Nmadu and A. A. A. Coker (2016). Poverty Status of Farm      Households in Selected Local Governent Areas of Niger State, Nigeria. Asian  Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology 11(3): 1-8. Accessible at
4 Danielle, R.; Bhavna S.B.A.; Idiong, C.I.; Michael Ojo, M.A. and L. Tanko (2019). The

Enabling Environment for Informal Food Traders in Nigeria’s Secondary Cities. Urban

Forum. Springer, Netherlands.

5 Tanko, L., R. Ajani and O.B. Adeniji (2012) Relative Technical Efficiency of credit and non-credit users in rice-based enterprises in Lavun Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria. International Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, 5(1):83-94.
6 Tanko, L. and Jirgi A.J. (2008) “Effect of Agricultural Credit on the Output and Profitability of Egg Farms in Abia State, Nigeria Journal of Animal Production, 2008, 35(1): 128-134.
7 Tanko, L.; Ibrahim, F.D. and Jirgi, A.J. (2006) Comparative Analysis of Farmers Adopting

R-Box Technology and Non Adopters on the Efficiency of Rice Production in Badeggi,

Niger State, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Rural Economy and Society, 3:23-28.

8 Tanko, L.; Onyenweaku, C.E. and Nwosu, A.C. (2006). Optimum Crop Combinations

Under Limited Resource Conditions: A Micro-level Study in Yauri, Kebbi State,

Nigeria. The Nigerian Agricultural Journal, 37:1-9.

9 Tanko, L. and Mbanasor, J.A. (2006) “Comparative Analysis of Resource Productivity in

Sole and Intercropping in Kebbi State, Nigeria. International Journal of Agriculture

and Rural Development (IJARD), 7(1):125-132.

10 Onyenweaku, C.E. and Tanko, L. (2005) “Optimum Combination of Enterprises and Resource Allocation by Arable Crop Farmers in Kebbi State” Journal of Sustainable Tropical Agricultural Research (JOSTAR), 14:81-88.


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