Faculty of Management and Social Sciences Seminar Series

The AE-FUNAI Faculty of Management and Social Sciences is a vibrant and research-led faculty.  The FMSS Seminar Series aims to reflect the spirit of the Faculty and to explore some of the major challenges and opportunities facing organisations and society more broadly. The series comprises presentations by leading academics and practitioners, combined with opportunities for informal discussion and networking.  The seminar series also aims to offer guidance and valuable insight into some important aspect of career building such as setting publication strategies, building an academic reputation and academic enterprise.

Presentations are given by members of the Faculty as well as by external speakers invited by the Faculty. Seminars are typically held on Wednesday lunchtimes, with light refreshments. Some seminars will be held on other weekdays, in order to accommodate the schedules of invited speakers.  Seminars are open to all AE-FUNAI staff and students. Speakers are invited to draw on their research specialisms and practical experiences, reflecting on the implications of leading-edge developments for a generalist audience. Speakers are also expected to share their experiences of career building and provide a practical forum for participants to take away ideas about how to develop their own academic career. Overall, FMSS Seminar Series is aimed at helping members of staff of the Faculty to continually develop academically and professionally.