• Okays its readiness for industrial production

 The Acting Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Employability (CEE), Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State (AE-FUNAI), Dr. Makuochukwu Ojide, has confirmed the pragmatic effort of the centre towards producing quality honey that is suitable and readily available for pharmaceutical productions.

Confirming the statement during students training, he noted that the Directorate has numerous sellable skills to equip the students and one of those skills is the honey production.

Students in protective gear being lectured

Speaking further at the field experience on Thursday, 21st February, 2019, Dr. Ojide noted that students of AE-FUNAI, now produce natural honey that meets the specifications of pharmaceutical industries.

He explained that some of the already colonized hives are doing real good while the hives yet to be colonized were baited again. In the artificial baiting, he noted that under the colonized hives, the combs so far are properly formed.

He remarked that only the super chambers will be harvested while the brooding chamber will be left untapped. He also noted that parts of its requirement to meeting pharmaceutical standards was the ability to site the farm away from environmental pollution and gas flaring industries and companies that could affect production and life span of the bees.

Students watching demonstrations with keen interest

The Director, however, noted that the Centre is open to staff and students as an entrepreneurial opportunity available for all to utilize. He mentioned that the interest of the farm is meant to capture all students from across the faculties. Hence, the Directorate would serve as a window of opportunity and intermediary to students on Industrial Training, (IT), Agro business, photo industry and other avalanche of trade available to students.

He mentioned that harvests will commence after three months of production because the centre is serving two interests of training and production.

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