AE-FUNAI SPECIAL STUDENT SPEAKS OUT; Wants to be god of electronics

A 400 level student of Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State, in the Department of Physics/Geology/Geophysics, Faculty of Science, Madu Kenneth, has affirmed his dream to becoming god of electronics of Nigeria.

Mr. Madu chatting with Mr. Joseph Elechi, Information Officer.

Speaking during an interview with a Public Relations Officer, Mr. Madu averred that he does not want to just be an Electronic Engineer, but an engineer with difference in building and producing electronics products and confirmed that he has already built a transmitting device.

He disclosed during the chart with Joe Elechi that though he attends lectures when very necessary due to some challenges but concentrates more on converting the theoretical aspects to practical terms. He however mentioned that his mission in the university was to study Physics Electronics as in his admission letter but had to change due to situations on ground.

Chris Akubuiro, PRO, having handshake with Mr. Madu – strong man

Again, Madu reiterated that he has the intention to run a Postgraduate Course in the university as soon as he is through with his final year requirements. Furthermore, he dreams to have a manufacturing plant that is into full production other than assemblage, stating that Chinese started that way.

Fielding an answer on whether feeling disadvantaged over his circumstance and physique, Mr. Kenneth affirmed in the positive, but added that he feels insecure some of the time especially when surrounded by people who seem not to appreciate him in his circumstance.

He made bold to state that one of his priorities was to be different and unique in all he does. “I produce earphones for myself and others and I don’t buy equipment in the market, I produce them, I feel good doing what others cannot do,” he said.

Madu in group photograph with PR Team.

He finally admitted that he faces challenges ranging from Finance to health which affected him to the extent of delaying his graduation till now.

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