HOD’s Welcome


 You are welcome to the Department of Psychology, where future academic and leaders are trained to develop their full potentials. The Programme of Psychology which was established in 2012/2013 academic session awards degree in general Psychology. Psychology as a discipline strikes a balance between Social Sciences and Science disciplines. Psychology Department at Alex Ekwueme Federal University, strives to be a world-class department with diverse research interests in all spheres of human behaviour including social, clinical, health, family, industrial/organisational, crime and deviance, social theory, forensic, experimental, identity and integration/cohesion, religion issues among others. Psychology Department is also offering ancillary services to other sister programme/and or departments as well as receiving from them. Indeed, this uncommon level of interdisciplinary interactions provides an exceptional environment for learning, teaching and research.

Generally, the goal of the Psychology Department is to offer students with a wide milieu in the various multi-level analysis and methodological approaches used in the study of human behaviour. Students can gain research training, experience in a wide variety of community settings, and tailor course selections to meet their long-term aspirations. Furthermore, the curriculum in psychology is targeted to improve one’s understanding of behavioral science and of oneself and others in terms of concepts developed by study. Undergraduate courses in psychology give students an opportunity to discover and internalise what research has revealed about:

  • How behavior is initiated and motivated
  • The way individuals perceive, learn, think, and act
  • Individual differences
  • How personality develops across different life stages: from infancy to maturity and is expressed by behavior
  • How interpersonal factors affect human relationships in the home, at work places, and in the community.

Members of staff of Psychology Department have expertise in Social Psychology, Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Personnel Management, School Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Positive Psychology and so on. Our undergraduate curricula are firmly anchored on the principle of providing the fundamental knowledge needed to be fluent, critical and competitive in the new, rapidly and unfolding areas of management and social/behavioural sciences and health sciences. We believe in praxis (learning by doing). Therefore, we make it a matter of departmental policy for our students to strive to apply what they learn to test and understand their immediate environment and beyond. Our expectation is that students who graduate from the Department of Psychology at Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI) will be world’s next generation of leading academicians, researchers, behavioural scientists, health professionals, astute leaders, teachers and public servants.

The AE-FUNAI website provides in-depth information about us. It highlights each faculty member and his/her research interests, our teaching philosophy and the courses we offer as well as our administrative staff. The Department also provides an exceptional educational and research environment for talented individuals who dream of uncovering new frontiers in the field of social and behavioural sciences. Upon graduation with a degree in Psychology, our products have vast employment opportunities in Law Enforcement/Security Agencies, Academics, Research Centers, Civil Society Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Business Organisations, Human Services Careers, Mental Health Careers, Business Careers, Careers in Education, Advertising Agents, Career Counsellors, Case Manager, Child Care Worker, Laboratory Assistant, Market Researcher, Psychiatric Technician, Probation and Parole Officer, Rehabilitation Specialist, Sales Representative, Social Service Specialists, Teachers, Writer among others.