The Department of Physics/Geology/Geophysics was started in 2012. It is in the Faculty of Science and Technology. The Department offers three 4 year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Honours) degree programmes, namely: B.Sc.(Hons) Physics-with-Electronics, B.Sc.(Hons) Geology and B.Sc.(Hons) Applied Geophysics. Admission requirements into the Department include 5 O/L credit passes which must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and one other relevant science subject at the Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent (Biology or Geography for Geology programme). In addition, an acceptable pass in the University Matriculation Examination is required for admission into 100L. Candidates with at least 2 A level Passes in 2 relevant subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology) and O/L credit pass in English Language may be admitted into 200L.

The Physics-with-Electronics programme provides students with sound knowledge of all branches of physics and electronics, awakens the enthusiasm of students for physics and electronics, and the application of these in various contexts. The programme also develops the students’ ability to apply their skills and knowledge of physics and electronics to find solutions to theoretical and practical problems. The students are also provided with knowledge and skills for further studies in specialised areas of physics and electronics or multi-disciplinary areas of science, engineering and technology. Graduates of Physics with electronics are readily employed in telecommunications companies, radio and television houses, banks, financial institutions, instrumentation laboratories of companies, research institutes and advanced laboratories. They are also employed as graduate assistants in tertiary institutions (e.g. universities, polytechnics, colleges of education) and as teachers in secondary schools.

The Geology programme provides students with broad, balanced and in-depth knowledge of geology as a discipline. They are guided to acquire subject specific knowledge that is complemented with requisite skills, industrial and field experience that adequately prepare them to provide geological ancillary services and also meet emerging global challenges and demands of the ever-widening horizon of the geosciences and industry. They will be ready workforce for exploration and exploitation of the abundant geological and natural resources of Nigeria (e.g. hydrocarbons, water and mineral resources). They will learn state-of-the art techniques to be applied in multidisciplinary research, specialized research in geology, and to find solution to theoretical and practical geological problems. Graduates of Geology are readily employed in the oil and gas, mining, mineral exploration, mineral processing, construction and environmental management industries. They are also employed in research institutes, water prospecting and drilling companies and corporations, tertiary institutions, banks and government agencies (e.g. Nigerian Geological Survey Agency).

The Applied Geophysics programme provides students with basic and fundamental knowledge of all areas of applied geophysics. They will be trained and exposed to the deployment of applied geophysics as a frontline tool in geological mapping, exploration and evaluation of geological resources (e.g. hydrocarbons, minerals, water), civil engineering site investigation (e.g. roads, dams, bridges, high rise buildings) and environmental pollution studies. They will learn a wide range of skills to enable them solve theoretical and practical problems and to participate actively in advanced research in applied geophysics and the geosciences. Applied Geophysics graduates are readily employed in the oil and gas, mining, construction, water exploration industries, and also in tertiary institutions and government agencies.

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Dr.Ema Michael Abraham

Ema Michael Abraham is a lecturer in the Department of Physics/Geology/Geophysics,...