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CORE VALUES: Ensure quality academic regulations that is acceptable Nationally and Internationally. ABOUT US: FUNAI Senate is one of the principal organs of the University charged with the responsibilities of formation and implementation of academic regulations for the University. It is the organ that designs and approves academic programs, Departments and Faculties in line with the BMAS (Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards) guidelines. Senate also approves the award of Degrees and Diplomas to qualified students and other individuals who had contributed to the growth and development of the society. FUNAI Senate sits every last Wednesday of the month to consider matters relating to its responsibilities and take decisions on the day to day academic and other regulations of the University. However, the Chairman is empowered to convey emergency meetings for consideration of matters of urgent University importance. Senate Affairs Unit is a service Unit charged with the secretarial services for the Senate. SERVICES: Clerking of Senate Meetings Conveying of Senate decisions to affected individuals and offices Preparation of Senate papers for consideration e.t. c. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS: The Unit is charged with the responsibilities of admitting fresh Students into the University using the prescribed criteria for admission into Nigerian Universities. Academic Affairs also treat Students’ requests and correspondence, thereby ensuring that Students were properly guided during registration and documentation. The Academic Affairs Unit also implement Senate decision on Student discipline. They also handle Student examinations and other records. SERIVCES: Admission of Students Handle Students results Treat Students requests and correspondence Ensure Students’ Discipline e. t. c. FACILITIES: Comfortable Senate Chambers Computer and accessories Comfortable Office furniture Other stationeries

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