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Mary NgoziNwodo is Lecturer 1 in the Department of Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities. I have a background in French Didactics and French/ English translation and for several years specialized in teaching French to students. I have worked for several years with the Nigerian Educational Research & Development Council (NERDC) on curriculum development for French in Nigerian Institutions of learning (Universities preliminary year, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education).

I have organized and conducted the retraining of French Teachers of Tertiary Institutions for the South-East & South-South geo-political zones at the Centre for French Teaching & Documentation (CFTD), Enugu and have external examining experience inDELF A1 – B2.

I have worked as the French Academic Supervisor for the South-East in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) &French Embassy in Nigeria. I am currently teaching French. I have published in some academic journals including Le Bronze and Nufjol. I am a member of the University French Teachers Association of Nigeria (UFTAN), a member of Association For Translation Studies in Nigeria.


Academic Qualifications

S/N Institutions attended degree(s) awarded year
1 College of Edducation, Eha-Amufu Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) 1984-1987
2  University of Nigeria, Nsukka. BA French / Education 2nd class honours, upper division (21) 1989-1992
3 External candidate Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) 1994
4 Centre de LinguistiqueAppliquée, (CLA) Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France. Master 2 Sciences du Langage Métiers du FLE. (Professional certificate; French as a Foreign Language, Linguistics, Policy and Didactics; Re-engineering Education).

« L’implantation de nouveaux curricula et l’usage de nouveaux manuelsdans le systèmeéducatif du Nigeria (engénéral et dans la région du Sud-Est, Sud-Sud, Niger / Delta enparticulier) pour l’enseignement du français.

July, 2005
5 University of Nigeria, Nsukka. M. A.  French Translation. “La Fidélité au sensentraductionlittéraire a travers “Blood Stains on the Sands” of Ossie Enekwe. (The Fidelity to Meaning in Literary Translation applied in “The Blood Stains on the Sand” of Ossie Enekwe) 1999 -2006


6 Université Stendhal, Grenoble 3, France. Master 2 Research in Didactics of distant learning of French as a foreign Language 2009 -2011
7 CIEP, France DELF B2 May 2011
8 CIEP, France Habilitation à la correction des épreuvesorales et écrites des examens DELF A1 A2 B1 B2. May 2013
9 NnamdiAzikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State



La fidélité au sensentraduction : « The last of the strong ones » d’AkachiAdimora-Ezeigbo.  PhD in view.


2018 – till date






research interests

1 Translation stuides
2 Didactics in french as a foreign language

Membership of professional bodies

s/n Professional body
1 National Association of French Teachers (NAFT) Member, Executive member, 1992 – 2013.
2 University French Teachers Association of Nigeria (UFTAN).
3 Association for Translation Studies in Africa (ATSA) ATSA group in Nigeria.
4 Fédération International des professeurs de français (FIPF)


1 Kim, J., Nwodo, m.N et al (2007). Model questions and answers based on communicative method for junior secondary schools examination (JSSCE).
2 Nwodongozi et al; (2014), Teachers’ guide for the 9-year Basic Education (BEC) revised Curriculum. French Language. Nigerian Educational Research & Dev. Council (NERDC).
3 Nwodo, M.N. (2014). “Penser à l’écléctismeendidactique du français au Nigéria”. Northern Inter-University Journal vol.4 n°1 pg 231-248.
4 Nwodo, M.N. (2016). “Les tendanceglobales et linguistiquesappliquées au français depuis le début du XXIe siècle au Nigéria”. Le Bronze. Vol.4 n°2 pg 60-82.
5 Umaru, K.K. &Nwodo, M.N. (2018). “Syntatic translation and semantic implication: The case of Fulfulde & English”. Journal of Languages and Culture. Vol. 9 n°1. http://www.academicjournals.orgljournals/JLC
6 Nwodo, M.N. (2018). “Language arrangement and globalization of world languages with a special emphasis on Nigeria (Ref n° 556). PEOPLE: International journal of Social Sciences, 4 (2), 1664-1689. URL:



s/n I have worked in collaboration with the following bodies:
1 Centre for French Teaching & Documentation (CFTD), Enugu (2000-2013), (2015-2017)
2 Nigerian Educational Research & Development Council (NERDC) (2008-2015)
3 Federal Ministry of Education (FME) (2015-2017)
4 French Embassy in Nigeria (2000-2017)


grants and fellowships

1 Fellow of the Inter-caft FIC: 2012 merit award, National Association of French Lecturers of Colleges of Education.
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