Chris Uwadoka

Acting Director

Chris UWADOKA is the Acting Director of the Centre for Development Assistance Management, Partnership and Training (CEDAMPAT) at Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Nigeria.  His key responsibilities are in areas of institutional collaborations/partnerships and town-and-gown linkages.

Chris came into this role from a background in Management Consulting with emphasis in the fields of sales management, change management and public expenditure management. Duly accredited as a Management Consultant/human capital developer by the Nigerian Council for Management Development, his fulfilment was in assisting sales organisations to turn their fortunes around through his contributions with ideation,  advisory services, training, recruitment and direct outsourced support.

Chris Uwadoka who holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics speaks English, French, Portuguese creole, Hausa, his native Igbo language and a spattering of Shwa Arab. He is a member of the Nigerian Economics Society and the Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST), amongst others.



Centre for Development Assistance Management, Partnership and Training [CEDAMPAT]


Acting Director


Chris attended Government College Umuahia, University of Nigeria and Imo State University where he respectively obtained School Certificate, a first degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics. He is currently enrolled in a PhD program.


In his former life, Chris is noted for providing countless interventions to individuals and companies in the area of Go-to-Market strategies and salesforce effectiveness. The same set of competence have helped him to achieve numerous institutional collaborations, partnerships and support towards the provision of facilities, infrastructure and growth opportunities in AE-FUNAI.


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