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Middle Name (initial) NWUGURU
Surname NWOSE
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Research Gate ID http://www.researchgate.net/RoselineNwose



Biography (Education/Professional Experience/Professional Accomplishments)

NWOSE ROSELINE N. currently serves as Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Agriculture.

NWOSE ROSELINE N is specialized in the field of Animal Production and Fisheries Management, Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry
Animal Nutrition and Forage Science. She has 9 years of working experience in well-established academic institution.

Academic Qualifications

S/N Institutions attended Degree(s) Awarded Year
1 MOUAU, Abia State Ph.D in view 2016/2017 TILL-DATE
2 EBONYI STATE UNIVERSITY (EBSU) Masters of Science 7/10/2015
3 EBONYI STATE UNIVERSITY (EBSU) Bachalor of Agric. (B. Agric.) 30/05/2008
4 Ebonyi Colledge of Agriculture, Ikwo Ordinary National Diploma 1996
5 COMMUNITY SECONDARY SCHOOLNDUFU ALIKE West African School Certificate 2003
6 GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL, IKWO West African School Certificate 1988-1993
7 COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL AGUBIA, IKWO First School Leaving Certificate 1978-1983

Research Interests

1 Animal nutrition and forage science
2 Use of slaughter house by-products in formulating monogastics feed especially broiler chickens.
3 Using waste to formulating monogastrics feed with the aim of reducing cost of feed.
4 Use of leaf meal in broiler ration.
5 Use of agricultural by products in feed formulation.

Membership of Professional Bodies

SN Nigerian Institute of Animal science (nias)
1 Animal Science Association of Nigeria (asan)
2 Nigerian Society of Animal Production (Nsap)
3 Poultry Association of Nigeria (pan)
4 Nias ebonyi state chapter


1 Friday Nwalo Nweke; Clementina Ukamaka Uwa; Ambrose Sunday Egutah; Timothy Ikedichi Ibe; Roseline Nwuguru Nwose; Emmanuel Nwaforagu Uchewa and Aliyu Usman (2019). Agro-Morphological Characteristics of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) from the Different States of Nigeria World Applied Sciences Journal 37 (5): 425-429, 2019. ISSN 1818-4952 © IDOSI Publications, 2019
DOI: 10.5829/idosi.wasj.2019.425.429.
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7 Jeremiah Monday I Nwenya., Emeka P. Nwakpu., Roseline N. Nwose, Kanayo P. Ogbuagu 2017 Performance and Heterosis of indigenous chicken crossbreed  (Naked Neck X Fizzled Feather) in the Humid Tropics. Journal of Poultry Research, 14 (2): 07-11, 2017. Print ISSN: 1302-3209 – Online ISSN-9003, www.turkishpoultryscience.com Research Article
8 Osakwe, Isaac Ikechukwu And Nwose, Roseline Nwuguru (2008). Feed Intake and Nutrient Digestibility of Weaner Rabbits Fed Cassava Peel as Replacement for Maize. Animal Research International (2008) 5(1): 770-773.
9 Nwose, R. N.* Nwose, D. I.* Onu, P. N.* Adeolu, A. I.* Nwenya, J. M. I.* Igwe, R. O.

and Eze, J. C. R. (2018) . Growth Performance of Starter Broilers Fed Goat Blood-Rumen Content Mixture Based-Diets Supplemented with Aromatic Plants.43rd Annual Conference Proceedings of the Nigerian Society for Animal Production. March 18th-22nd 2018 FUTO, Owerri. Pp 148, Line 1-27.

10 Nwose, R.N, Nwose, D.I, Onu, P.N, And Nwenya, J.M.I (2018). Evaluation of the Photogenic plant supplemented got blood-rumen content mixture based-diets on growth, blood indices and serum component of broiler chicken. 2nd International Conference Proceedings on Food Security and Hidden Hunger 8 – 10th October, 2018 AE-FUNAI  Pp 55-59

Grants and Fellowships

1 Date of award 5/6/2017 project tittle: Analyzing the Genetic Diversity of the Myostatin Gene (MSTN) in Rabbits within south eastern Nigeria using PCR RELP Marker. Body Awarding TETFund Research Grant


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