• Nwagbara Receives Sabbatical Appointment.

The Vice-Chancellor, Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State, Prof. Chinedum Nwajiuba, recently organized grand home-coming reception for our own hero, Professor Augustine Nwagbara, who was sent packing from a Ghanaian University, where he was on sabbatical, for making that academic  statement of fact that went viral. On noticing this Nigeria Igbo man, who could so boldly stand his ground, even outside the shores of Nigeria, on critical issue of national relevance, Prof. Nwajiuba went in search for this hero of our time and has therefore offered Prof. Nwagbara appointment to complete his sabbatical in AE-FUNAI, hence the grand reception.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Chinedum Nwajiuba addressing Prof. Nwagbara.

Prof. Nwajiuba, at the reception, alongside other senior staff of the University, at the Vice-Chancellor’s Conference Room, assured Prof. Nwagbara his support, adding that he will do everything possible to make his stay in AE-FUNAI comfortable and remarkable. ‘’We need to get back our pride, we are great people and you are an enviable example’’. He told Prof. Nwagbara that this is the most serious University in this country today and that the young university needs serious-minded people like him, wishing that he will leave Lagos and stay permanently in AE-FUNAI. “You must believe in something, stand on what you believe”, Nwajiuba said.

Vice-Chancellor with DVC Admin and other officers of the university heartily welcome Prof. Nwagbara to AE-FUNAI fold.

VC who was rather passionate and very excited, made bold to tell the distinguished guest that we as a university community are proud of him and glad to welcome him in our midst. He further said “…we look forward to the same understanding, not only the students you will be interacting with but staff, with the same level of commitment and passion…and hope you will not hide the truth this time”

Professor Philip Omoke DVC (Administration) told the gathering that this is the kind of reception you give to a hero and an achiever.  He further told the guest that AE-FUNAI is today the only university that graduates its students on record time, send them for youth service, hold convocation and give out certificate on the spot the same day without encumbrances.

Responding to all that were said about him, the excited Professor Nwagbara said he was proud to be in AE-FUNAI and a Nigerian. He took time to relay his ordeal in Ghana after making that bold statement about the education system in Ghana and the place of Nigeria academia there and in the West Africa sub-region. He therefore made three requests: to be given  opportunity while in this university; to tell Nigerians what they can gain by promoting our education system and stated that this can best happen through public lectures and he therefore promised to show gratitude to the university by organizing a public lecture this year that could be made media event; to make AE-FUNAI a rallying center for recovery, revival and consolidation of our cultural heritage and dignity, while doing everything possible to promote the image of this university and create attraction for bringing back to AE-FUNA,I our Nigerian students,  who go to other West African states to study; make students’ accommodation revenue generation oriented, as in some countries outside Nigeria.

Excited Prof. Nwagbara flanked by DVC Admin Prof Philip Omoke(R) and Prof. Romanus Ejiagha (L) during the grand reception.

Dr.Makuochukwu Ojide, while proposing the toast, thanked God for the opportunity to be with a man who has traversed West Africa on academic sojourn and finally back home to ‘roost’ with his own. He further said that it pleased God to give the visionary leadership in this university personified in Professor Nwajiuba, who has “eagle eyes” to see beyond others who even saw the video in question. According to Dr. Ojide “that is the eye God gave you and we  are here to celebrate our own beloved brother… and share this toast to the glory of God and for better relationship for greater society and for facts that speak for themselves’’.

VC, Prof. Nwajiuba in group photograph with Prof. Nwagbara and other senior staff of the university.

The Ag.Director, Center for Development Assistance Management, Partnership and Training, Mr. Chris Uwadoka, said that he is proud of Professor Nwagbara’s personality and achievements and that history has a way of throwing up such personalities.  Today, we know you and will be glad to continue to associate with you …”


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