The Vice-Chancellor, Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Professor Chinedum Nwajiuba recently received delegation of Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN).

Welcoming the delegation to the fastest growing university in Nigeria, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nwajiuba thanked ANAN team for the honour accorded the university by the visit. He said the association was a large- hearted, unique and very practical and has shown AE-FUNAI a lot of love. He thanked them for the gifts they have been sending to the institution for the past three years and commended them for their professionalism. Nwajiuba   added that they are co-partners in training the next generation of accountants. “I really wish other associations can have the same kind of approach you have. We have benefited so much from you, for your kindness and donations…”  Prof Nwajiuba pointed out that as the university Bursar, Head of accountancy department and some other staff are members of the association, the school is better positioned to continue to work together and partner in the training opportunities you make available to accountants.  He promised to always grant staff members permission to attend conferences as well as other necessary support as “our contribution to learning, skills development, capacity building”.

VC, Prof. Nwajiuba addressing the delegation.

The Vice-Chancellor reiterated that the university is young and growing and that the association is welcome to build a place in the school for training of accountants. He said such permission will be granted any time request is made. He wished the association well during their conference for which they are in the state.

The first Vice-President of the association, Prof. Benjamin Osisioma, who represented the National President, thanked the university management for their warm reception and further commended the Vice-Chancellor and his management team for all their efforts in transforming the university into a vibrant world class centre of learning and research and the land mark achievements in such a short while, making the institution reputable nationally and internationally.

The President of the association, Prof. Osisioma addressing VC

Prof. Osisioma added that ANAN has existing good relationship with the university as the organization had in the past donated books and accounting lab equipment to the institution. He noted that they had earlier detected a thin dividing line between a trade union and a professional organization. “Our duty is not just to protect the interest of our members, we take it as our duty to advance the science of accountancy in Nigeria, that’s why we go round the country not taking from you but trying to give to you. We have had the privilege of citing research centres in different universities”, he said.

VC presenting souvenieur to the President

He said looking through ANAN in Ebonyi State with the Perm sec, the directors and people who move the state forward from Ebonyi State, the association is excited to partner with AE-FUNAI and we want to congratulate you on your success so far. “Mr. Vice-Chancellor, permit us to celebrate you. It’s not often people are told what they have done right, we are better at identifying things they do wrongly. We commend your excellent leadership.

VC presenting souvenieur to the President

The President recalled that in 1996 the association introduced in this country a continuous development for professionals as a mandatory continuous professional development programme and since then, it has become a norm in Nigeria. So today we are here in Ebonyi for the third session of 2019 MCPD with the theme “Accountability and Good Governance in Public and Private Sectors” he enthused.

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