AE-FUNAI CEE’s Maiden Entrepreneurship Fair/Championship

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Employability in collaboration with the Office of the Dean Students’ Affairs is hosting its Maiden Entrepreneurship Fair/Championship for students.

The main objectives of the fair will be to:

  1. Enable students discover and develop their entrepreneurial instinct,
  2. Provide students with opportunity to present their ideas and receive critical feedback from successful entrepreneurs and other knowledgeable practitioners from the entrepreneurial community in fun and energized forum,
  3. Become informed about entrepreneurial opportunities on campus and its host/surrounding communities,
  4. Provide a platform to discuss success stories, best practices and key challenges that are faced by entrepreneurs.

Each participant will have a stand at the fair to exhibit his/her product and services.

The second part of the event is the championship. This is an entrepreneurship and innovation competition. Participants are expected to submit an abstract in a given business format. The best ten will be shortlisted to make their presentation before a panel of judges, after which prizes will be awarded.

Criteria for Participation

  • Individuals must be AE-FUNAI students
  • Intending participants for the fair must complete a registration form
  • Intending participants for the championship must send an abstract of his/her business idea in a format attached to this notice (not more than 500 words )
  • All abstract must be submitted to the centre between 30th April – 13th May 2018)
  • Deadline for submission of registration forms for exhibition in the fair is 18th May 2018

Abstract Format for the Championship for Creative Entrepreneurs

Name of Business:

Name of Owner:



Creative Sector: (eg. Agriculture, Education, Arts, Media/Advertising, Entertainment/Performing Arts Science and Technology, Medical Products/services, Business/management, Culture and Tourism, etc.)

      1. Overview of business concept (200 words)

    * Brief description of product/service

      1. * Uniqueness of concept

      2. The Market (200 words)

    * What needs you address

    1. * Who are your customers
    1. * How do you reach your customers
    1. * Competitive status
    1. * What are your competitive advantage
      1. Running the business (50 words)

    * What are the key activities generating revenue

    1. * Describe your resources and costs
      1. The future of the business (50 words)

    * Dreams and ambitions

    1. * What do you need in order to succeed


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