• Deconstructing the University New Logo

By Elom Iyke Ubochi

In the world of birds, the eagle is highly revered. The recognition accorded to eagles is not just because of its beauty but more importantly due to some notable and sterling qualities it parades that are not found in other species of birds. Eagles are reputed to be visionary, focused, foresighted, courageous and proud. The pride exhibited by eagles is not vain glory but self belief and self respect because of its ability to achieve extraordinary feats which other lesser birds cannot do. In fact, eagles are reputed to possess the capacity to fly 10, 000 feet above sea level. No other birds can attain such feat.

These extraordinary qualities of eagles underscore the reason the founding fathers of the Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, Ebonyi state incorporated the eagle in the design of the institution’s logo. Though the University was established in 2011, the significance of the eagle as the  University totem was revealed on Wednesday, 3rd August, 2016 when the visionary Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Chinedum Uzoma Nwajiuba hosted a send-forth ceremony in honour of the pioneer graduates of the University.


It was at the event that the University new logo was first unveiled to staff and students. The new logo which has elicited diverse comments from the University community is composed of a white soaring eagle, flowing fountain, pen and white salt base in traditional earthenware. The soaring eagle depicts vision, courage, foresight and focus. The flowing fountain depicts functional knowledge, while the pen stands for power that is attained through the proper application of knowledge whereas the white salt base represents the local salt deposit found in Ebonyi state, – the Salt of the Nation.

All the features of the University new logo is symbolic and of national and global consequence, underscoring the world class vision of the University, while not also neglecting its location, hence the white salt base placed inside a clay pot to portray the fact that it is located in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. The removal of Ebonyi State map from this new logo is apt and spot on, not self serving as some people may argue. There is no University in Nigeria that has the map of the host state on its logo, including Ebonyi State University. The white salt base in a clay pot is enough evidence that the University also has local content.

The implication of the new logo is that students of the University will be groomed, tutored and mentored to acquire functional knowledge and sellable skills that will make them powerful and soar like eagles. They are also expected, on graduation, to be high flyers in their various disciplines, not only as employees of many blue chip organizations but more importantly as young entrepreneurs and employers of labour who will contribute meaningfully to national development as well as meet the demands of the 21st century economy.

 The Vice Chancellor therefore, enjoins all staff and students to imbibe the features of the new logo in all their activities so that the institution’s vision of a world class University that produces soaring eagles is achieved in a record time.

He stated ‘the inclusion of the eagle on the university’s logo is symbolic. Vision, focus and resilience with no attention to side distractions are the dominant qualities of the eagle that sustains its soaring ability and these must be imbibed by all those who want to succeed in life. And for us to achieve the vision of a world-class university here in FUNAI, staff and students must choose to be eagles. Hence, from today, graduates of this great University will be known and addressed as ‘Eagles’, and thus prophetically declared the University, ‘The Home of Soaring Eagles.’

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