Despite his  pitiable state of  physical challenge, Mr Joel Chijioke Nweke , indigene of  Ndufu –Echara,  in Ikwo LGA, Ebonyi State, and among the 2018  intake of Alex – Ekwueme Federal University,Ndufu Alike, Ebonyi State; struggled to get to University Public Relations/Information Office (3rd Floor),  to share his dream and challenges, with the  PR team.

Mr.  Chijioke Nweke in a chat with PR Team.                                                                                                  

Chijioke told PRO, Chris Akubuiro, that his ambition is to study in the university, become a graduate and work in any public organization, whether government or private owned, where he will have opportunity to serve the public with diligence, commit to touching lives and putting smiles on the faces of people. He was admitted to study sociology in the Faculty of Management and Social Science, Alex –Ekwueme Federal University, for 2018/2019 academic session with registration number 2018/MS/9606 but had to defer the admission when he could not meet the financial requirements.

PR Team pose for a picture with Mr. Nweke                                                                             

 Mr. Nweke recounted the excruciating experience, concerning his present physical condition by narrating that his physical deformity was not from birth, rather it was as a result of fake malaria injection administered on him for slight malaria fever, when he was three years, by a quack chemist, who claimed to be a nurse.  ‘’I was walking before, till one quack chemist in our place gave me fake injection for little fever, when I was three years old, that was how I found myself this way” he said in near  tears. He informed during the chat, that he has managed the condition since his primary school days with the assistance of friends and his elder sister, who is no more, pointing out that his parents are peasants, who can hardly feed.

Mr. Nweke taking his leave after the interview.  



Nweke said he was also in the campus to confirm his admission status haven applied for deferment of the earlier admission and to find possibilities of registering his courses and paying other fees, to continue for the 2019/2020 session. He did not mince words to state that even as we spoke, he was facing financial challenges and may still not meet the requirements, especially hostel and other mandatory fees. Continuing, Nweke said that he was assisted by his church member, who paid the school fees for him before he could defer the admission for 2018/2019.

Chijioke Nweke strongly believes that in view of his passion and hunger for university education, that God will make it possible even as it seems impossible. “I have struggled till this level and believe God, in His infinite mercy, will see my dream of becoming a graduate to serve humanity well and contribute to development of my society. I believe man is God to man and only the hands and good hearts of men can bring God’s plan on us to reality.”

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